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Patranjali Bhattacharya

MSc in Computer Science

MSc qualification was an important factor in securing my current position.

Patranjali Bhattacharya was working as a Software Developer when she decided to pursue an MSc degree in Computer Science. She wanted to further her existing skills and get formal recognition in the subject from an esteemed university and college. Her first degree was in Mathematics and Physics and so she chose the "conversion" MSc in Computer Science which "had the right balance of theoretical topics such as Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering and a significant practical element in the form of a dissertation/project." The part-time evening study mode offered by this course was a crucial factor in her decision as it enabled her to continue her employment.

Patranjali now works for a London-based software house that specialises in the financial sector. She uses J2EE/J2ME technology to implement solutions for the PC and mobile market. She says that the "The MSc qualification was an important factor in securing my current position."

The course also helped her in other ways, "in expanding the realm of my knowledge, boosting my confidence and building an analytical approach to solving problems at work. This experience has taught me to evaluate my work in a more critical manner." She found the Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering and Database modules particularly enjoyable as she was able to combine the natural curiosity of the student with pragmatism drawn from her experience of the real world. Her dissertation/project threw her out of her comfort zone and challenged her to explore and experiment with technology of which she had no prior knowledge.

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