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Research Projects


Trust models emerging from online social interactions

Structural Image Asymmetry and Machine Learning for Early Diagnosis of Dementia

An application of classification techniques for credit scoring

Super-chunking in Deduplication Storage Systems

Inferring Time Varying Processes from Cross-Sectional Data

Finanacial Risk Modelling using big data-driven applications and machine learning techniques

Self-Adaptive Hyperparameter Control For Deep Learning Neural Networks Using Cellular Automata

Approaches to abstractive summarisation

Flexible Query Processing of SPARQL Queries

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) in the University Sector towards Consumerization Of Technology: A Sociomateriality Perspective

Natural Language Analysis of Online Health Forums

Predictive Analytics at Scale

Towards the creation of Deep Learning-Aware Ensembles

Domain Sentiment Knowledge Discovery

Users Perceptions of E-Learning Environments and Services Effectiveness: The Emergence of the Concept Functionality Model

Securing IoT using Key Pre-Distribution Scheme

Behavioural Genetics-inspired high-order connectionist modelling

Design for Learning in Technology-rich Contexts

Similarity Measures and Truth

Lifelong Learner Modelling

Social Media Spam & Content Quality

Behavioural Genetics inspired framework for Neuro-evolution

Programming and Formal Verification of Network Communication Protocols Implementations

Query Rewriting under Linear and Knowledge Bases

Data Integration in Dataspaces

Procedural-Functional Programming

FLIP Learning (Flexible, Intelligent and Personalised Learning)

Information Materialization

Face Recognition: Comparing two Facial Images with Different Resolutions

Message Exploration in Bitcoin Blockchain

Analysis of the Diversity of Search Engine Results

Adaptive Controllers in Application Service Management Environment

Multispectral + 2.5D/3D Image Fusion

Ontology-Based Data Access

Just-inTime Personalisation of e-content

Presence Analytics: Discovering Meaningful Patterns of Human Presence Using Mobile Data Traces.

Stochastic Evolution of Protein Sequences: Studying gains and losses over a phylogenetic tree

Optimisation of Emergency Medical Dispatch through Simulation

  • "Fast Search and Mining of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Collection". BEI School Research Grant, 14 April 2014 - 14 September 2014. Principal Investigator: Dell Zhang and Mark Levene. Co-Investigator: PhD student Martyn Harris. Research Assistant: Adam Foster. This is a collaboration with the History Department in the University of Southampton and the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit in the Cambridge University.
  • "Fast Search and Mining of the Taylor-Schechter Genizah Collection", BEI-Grant 06/01/2014 - 06/12/2014. Principal investigator: Dell Zhang, Co-Investigator: Mark Levene
  • "eUPDRS: A Smartphone-based Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale diagnostic," BEI School Research Grant, October 2011-May 2012. Principal investigator: George Roussos. Abstract: A smartphone-based Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale diagnostic. The app uses the integrated sensors to conduct spike analyses on hand tremor data, hand movement accuracy assessment, gait stability and prompt patients to provide general well-being information either for diagnostic of for medication assessment purposes.
  • "Ontology-Based Data Access with OWL 2 QL," BEI School Research Grant, 31/10/11 - 30/06/12. Principal Investigator: Roman Kontchakov, co-investigator: Michael Zakharyaschev.
  • "Analysis of Learners' Interaction Data in Exploratory Learning Environments," School of BEI Research Grant, October - December 2011. Principal Investigator: Alex Poulovassilis, Research Associate: Sergio Gutierrez-Santos.
  • "Pervasive Navigation," BEI School Research Grant, September-December 2011. Principal Investigator: George Roussos. An investigation of social and human dynamics through pervasive computing technology.
  • "Using Bibliometric Indices to Rank Entities in Social and other Networks," BEI School Research Grant, October - December, 2011. Investigators: M. Levene in collaboration with Prof. Bar-Ilan, Department of Information Science, Bar-Ilan University, and PhD student Konstantinos Chatzimichalis

  • iTract: Islands of Tractability in Ontology-Based Data Access, Michael Zakharyaschev funded by the EPSRC with co-investigators Dr Roman Kontchakov and Dr Igor Razgon. The project is in collaboration with the University of Liverpool.
  • LIBE: Supporting Lifelong Learning with Inquiry-Based Education, funded by the EU Lifelong Learning programme, is developing a Virtual Learning Environment to support personalised development of literacy, numeracy and problem-solving skills through an inquiry-based approach to learning. Project members Alex Poulovassilis and George Magoulas. Other project partners: Roma Tre University, Lillehammer University College, University of Twente, University of Porto.
  • "Teach First Social Networks Research". A collaborative research project funded by the educational charity Teach First. 1 September 2013 - 1 October 2014. Birkbeck Principal Investigator: Dell Zhang. This is a collaboration with Dr Melanie Ehren, Dr Sveta Mayer, and Dr Chris Brown in the Institute of Education (IoE).
  • LIQUID: Logic-based Integration and Querying of Unindexed Internet Data - EPSRC grant EP/L003260/1, 01/10/13 - 31/03/15. Birkbeck principal investigator: Andrea Cali.
  • Stability in graphs: methodologies and related problems - EPSRC grant EP/L020408/1, 01/06/14 - 31/05/17. Joint project with Warwick (Dr V Lozin). Birkbeck investigator: Igor Razgon.
  • iTalk2Learn: Talk, Tutor, Explore, Learn: Intelligent Tutoring and Exploration for Robust Learning. ITalk2Learn is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission - 7th Framework Programme Call 8 (FP7-ICT-2011-8). Project Members: Sergio Gutiérrez Santos, Manolis Mavrikis, Eirini Geraniou, Alex Poulovassilis, José Luis Fernandez Gomez). Other project partners: Ruhr University Bochum, Sail Lab, Testaluna SLB, Whizz.
  • ExODA: Integrating Description Logics and Database Technologies for Expressive Ontology-Based Data Access, EPSRC grant EP/H05099X/1, 01/08/10 - 31/07/13. Birkbeck principal investigator: Michael Zakharyaschev, co-investigator: Roman Kontchakov, research associate: Stanislav Kikot. The project is undertaken by Birkbeck jointly with Oxford (PI: Ian Horrocks).
  • CASAGRAS2 CSA for Global RFID-related Activities and Standardisation, EU IST Programme, June 2010-May 2012. Birkbeck principal investigator: George Roussos. Abstract: International standardisation activities for the Internet of Things. Special focus on coordination activities with India, China and South America.
  • Weaving Communities of Practice. Textiles, Culture, and Identity in the Andes: a Semiotic and Ontological Approach, AHRC, 22/07/2009 - 30/06/2013. Birkbeck principal investigator: Luciana Martins (Dept of Iberian and Latin American Studies, Birkbeck), co-investigator: Sven Helmer, Alex Poulovassilis Research Associates: Georges Gyory, Immanuel Normann, Richard Brownlow, Stefano Capuzzi. Project site
  • MiGen - Intelligent Support for Mathematical Generalisation, ESRC/EPSRC, Oct 2007 - June 2011. Birkbeck principal investigators: Alex Poulovassilis and George Magoulas. With the Institute of Education (PI Richard Noss).
  • Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE) is an ESRC/EPSRC funded Technology Enhanced Learning project. TLRP e-Learning Phase-II; RES-139-25-0406, Oct 2008 - Nov 2011. Principle Investigator at BBK: George Magoulas. This is a collaboration with Prof D. Laurillard, Institute of Education, and Dr L. Masterman, Oxford University.
  • "Multiple Image Sensors Cooperative Processing." This project focuses on multiple image sensor (visual camera and thermal IR camera) fusion to solve two basic problems in computer vision, namely object detection and tracking. Two image sequences of the same scene will be obtained, one sequence from a visual camera and one sequence from an IR camera. The individual frames will be time stamped but the pixel correspondences for the two sequences will be unknown. The different features of moving objects will be analysed and robust features will be extracted. Finally, moving objects will be detected and tracked. The information obtained from the tracks will be used to infer the pixel correspondences between the two image sequences. January 2012 - December 2012. Investigators: S.J. Maybank and Xiuwei Zhang. Xiuwei is a visiting post doctoral researcher from the Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian, China, jointly funded by the NWPU and Birkbeck College.

  • Composite recommendations. Principal investigator: Peter Wood. The project is undertaken jointly with Laks Lakshmanan and Min Xie (British Columbia).
  • Optimising XML queries. Principal investigator: Peter Wood, PhD student: Manizheh Montazerian.
  • Querying graph databases. Co-investigators: Peter Wood, Alex Poulovassilis, PhD student: Petra Selmer. The project is undertaken jointly with Carlos Hurtado and Pablo Barcelo (Chile).
  • Querying social networks. Principal investigator: Peter Wood. The project is undertaken jointly with Claudio Gutierrez and Mauro San Martin (Chile).
  • "Web Data Mining and Predicting User Behaviour in Trail-Based Networks." Investigators: Mark Levene in collaboration with Prof. Jose Borges, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management FEUP - University of Porto.
  • "Stochastic Evolutionary Models of Networks." Investigators: Trevor Fenner, Mark Levene and George Loizou.
  • "Learning Player's Styles from Game Records." Investigators Trevor Fenner and Mark Levene
  • "Named Entity Recognition and Classification in Search Engine Queries." Investigators: Mark Levene and PhD student Areej Alasiry
  • "Visualisation of Trail data from Users in Virtual and Real Environments." Investigators: Mark Levene and PhD student Max Garfinkel.
  • Grant for a 3 week visit to Institut des Systmes Intelligents et de Robotique (ISIR), Jussieu, Paris, France. Principal Investigator: Prof Steve Maybank, 2011.

  • Zoological Society of London "iBats Phone". Citizen scientist application for iOS and Android supporting data harvesting for the Indicator Bats Programme. The iBats app on Android and iPhone is used in conjunction with a heterodyne ultrasound detector to create localised surveys of bat populations incorporating environmental and other data. The captured information (audio, location and context) are transmitted automatically to a processing server for further analysis. Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Duration: October 2009-March 2011,
  • JISC GeoSciTeach A teacher-based geo-spatial application for orchestrating scientific fieldwork activity. Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Abstract: A teacher-based geo-spatial application for orchestrating scientific fieldwork activity. Duration: January 2011-October 2011,
  • BEI School Project "QBF solvers for managing OWL 2 QL ontologies." Principal Investigator: Prof Michael Zakharyaschev, co-investigator: Dr Roman Kontchakov; 01/08/10 - 31/07/11.
  • Multiple image sensors cooperative processing, BEI School Research Grant, 2010. Investigators: S.J. Maybank, Xiuwei Zhang (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Yanning Zhang (NWPU).
  • EU IST Programme: "ASSIST: Association Studies assisted by Inference and Semantic Technologies". Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Abstract: ASSIST developed a data analytics system that facilitates medical research on cervical cancer through integration of multiple patient record repositories, physically located in different medical centres or hospitals. Analytics methods incorporate semantic modelling, fuzzy inference and data mining techniques which allow the ASSIST inference engine to translate medical concepts into syntactic values that legacy systems may perceive and support the process of evaluating medical hypotheses and contacting association studies. The system is in current operation in Germany, Belgium and Greece. Duration: January 2005-May 2009,
  • EPSRC: "DeTaLe: An empirical investigation into designing tangibles for learning". Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Abstract: DeTaLe conducted a systematic investigation to understand how different ways of linking together objects, environments and information affect the way that learners interact with and understand scientific ideas. The work led to the development of a framework for designing embedded interaction systems which was demonstrated through a number of tabletop applications. Duration: October 2007-May 2010,
  • EPSRC: "Creator Network: CREATive Organisations Research". Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Abstract: Creator was a research cluster funded by EPSRC as part of the "Connecting Communities for the Digital Economy" initiative with the aim to bring together practitioners from the creative industries with researchers from ICT, the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and business studies. Duration: March 2008-April 2009,
  • EPSRC Ubicomp Challenge: "Visitor Studies with the Experience Recorder". Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. An empirical investigation of motivations, expectations and the observed spatial behaviour of family museum visitors. Duration: November 2008-May 2009.
  • Arts Council of Enlgand and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation: "Snout: Exploring relationships between the body, community and the environment". Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Scavenging free online mapping and sharing technologies as a form of 'guerilla public authoring', the project explores how communities can gather and visualise evidence about local environmental conditions and how that information can be used to participate in or initiate local action. Duration: October 2006-June 2007,
  • College HEIF Fund: Reality Analytics. An investigation of Big Data techniques for large-scale mobility pattern extraction captured by wireless networks. Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Duration: January 2009-December 2009.
  • CTES Fellowships: Museum Experience Recorder. Capture and replay of visitor experiences to create an evolving souvenir of memorable experiences. Principal Investigator: Dr George Roussos. Duration: October 2005-June 2006.
  • EPSRC grant EP/F002262/1 "Reliable XML Message Management for Web Services." Principal investigator: Dr Sven Helmer, Research Associate: Dr Tadeusz Litak, Dr Roman Kontchakov, Visiting Researcher: Prof Carl- Christian Kanne; 01/02/08 - 31/07/10.
  • EPSRC grant EP/E034942/1 "Computational Logic of Euclidean Spaces." Principal investigator: Prof Michael Zakharyaschev, Research Associate: Dr Roman Kontchakov; 01/04/07 - 31/03/10. The project was undertaken by Birkbeck jointly with Manchester (PI: Dr Ian Pratt-Hartmann).
  • BBSRC grant BBS/B/17220 "ISPIDER - a pilot grid for integrative proteomics." Principal investigator: Dr Nigel Martin, co-investigators: Prof Christine Orengo, Prof Alex Poulovassilis, Research Associate: Dr Lucas Zamboulis; 01/10/04 - 31/03/08. The project was undertaken by Birkbeck jointly with Manchester (PI: Prof Simon Hubbard), UCL (PI: Prof David Jones), EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute (Prof Rolf Apweiler). website
  • MyPlan - Personal Planning for Lifelong Learning Througout Life, JISC, Sept 2006 - Nov 2008. Principal Investigators: Alex Poulovassilis and George Magoulas.
  • L4ALL - Lifelong Learning in London for All, JISC, Feb 2005-October 2006. Principal Investigators: George Magoulas, Alex Poulovassilis.
  • BBSRC grant BB/C506264/1 "Novel algorithms for gene expression time series." Principal investigator: Prof Xiaohui Liu, co-investigators: Prof Paul Kellam, Dr Nigel Martin, Prof Christine Orengo, Research Associate: Dr Michael Hirsch; 14/02/05 - 13/02/08. The project was undertaken by Birkbeck and UCL jointly with Brunel (PI: Prof Xiaohui Liu).
  • EPSRC grant GR/S61973/02 "Knowledge Representation & Reasoning about Distances." Principal investigator: Prof Michael Zakharyaschev, Research Associate: Dr Mikhail Sheremet; 01/10/05 - 31/07/07. The project was undertaken by Birkbeck jointly with Liverpool (PI: Prof Frank Wolter).
  • EPSRC grant GR/S63175/02 "Dynamic Ontologies: a Framework for Service Descriptions." Principal investigator: Prof Michael Zakharyaschev, Research Associate: Dr Roman Kontchakov; 01/10/05 - 31/03/07. The project was undertaken by Birkbeck jointly with Liverpool (PI: Prof Frank Wolter) and Manchester (PI: Prof Ian Horrocks).
  • Travel grant from the EPSRC network "Vision, Video and Graphics". PI: Prof Steve Maybank, 2007.
  • "Workplace personalised learning environments for the development of employees' technical communicative skills." Investigators: George Magoulas and Alex Poulovassilis. E.S.R.C. (TLRP e-Learning Phase-I, GR/RES-139-25-0312), 2006-2007 (value: £50K; duration: 6 months). Collaboration with Richard Noss of the IoE.